Enduring the prick

Pangs of bloody of accusation

Point to life, death and ribbed cages

Birthing hips

For her pleasure

I can’t believe it’s not better

Than cook, clean, rinse, dry, curl, repeat

Vile bile and the ironed John sheets

Leaving the cleavage of hook,

Line and sink her



Designer Vagina Blues


The obligation of a nation to breed loveless legacies spawning good-vibe tribes of genocide, trustafarian followers of click-baited hate

Insufferable boredom looks good through filtered lenses

No peeking

From the shadows of imperfections

Full coverage nudity

Exploited as stand-ins for identity

Filling empty time with filling empty nests

The essence of minimal


Small, hungry animals pace

Idyllic imagery

The hypocrisy of marketable self-importance endured by the rest of us

Clamoring at saline cups

Crying for real, over easy

I chose hard boiled hunger

Incubated chicks

Fail to hatch

From hollow shells

Playing tic tac toe with hashtags

Like me


The painting is Unfinished Woman, pencil and acrylic on paper because who has the time to do everything

12 thoughts on “Undone

    • Ps: we watched Mary Shelley last night, the story behind Frankenstein. Talk about trying to wake the dead. The bored philandering bougie boys and the plight of even privileged women, well, there it was.


      • Sounds like something for my list. You may like “Desperate Romantics” – about the Pre-Raphaelites, by the BBC. I’ve never thought of Dante Gabriel Rosetti the same way again. He was a psychological 3-year-old and sexually an adolescent, wreaking much havoc that way. The dramatisation actually is really funny, despite that – and therefore watchable.

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  1. I love how cleverly this is written! I don’t know if you planned to have a beat, but the poem has this sort of beat in my head, and your sudden changes in pace makes the whole sound of the poem so much more intense. It was an absolute pleasure to read this.

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