Last night I dreampt we were being held captive by a wealthy man no one could see, like Gatsby. He kept us in round cages inside his jungle-esque garden where we could look but not touch. The cages were akin to fishbowls. His beautiful friends contemplated us like objects in a museum. Outside the gates of his landscaped zip code was his mansion. Under his mansion was a wide, circular moat where coffins, instead of row boats, offered prisoners a wet not so merry-go-round. We climbed aboard our floating fates to bob along oarlessly, propelled by a current he controlled, to marvel at all his finery. I could care less about the cages or chandeliers. The straw that broke me was hearing his plans to force feed us steak and red wine. Hysterically crying under an immaculate magnolia, I screamed “Please God! No! I’ve been a vegetarian since 8th grade!”

Happy Friday. xo (ps: salmon is still saving my life but red meat hasn’t been on the menu for a billion years)

Itching to write this weekend. 45,000 words and counting.

8 thoughts on “To Reach His Own

  1. Reminds me of a local caterer who marketed the ‘meal of the day’ via text message: fillet steak! I lost my temper so badly I sent a text back telling her to take me off her ‘hit’ list! In a public space (a restaurant) one doesn’t have control over what one is confronted with but to receive such messages in one’s private home was really offensive.

    Congrats on the word count.

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  2. This is worthy of expanding into a surrealist movie script! You know, like Tideland, sort of. 🙂

    Salmon: We love to have that in salmon sushi. Mmmmh, seaweed, rice, cucumber or avocado, smoked salmon, whole-egg mayonaise, and then wasabi on top… going to have to make some tomorrow…

    Glad the salmon is helping! ❤

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    • Apologies for the delayed reply. My human battery died. I’m recharged now. Hullo and thanks Sophie! I’m not familiar with Tideland but I’ll check it out. In college I watched short films created by Salvador Dali that we’re very dreamscapey.
      Mmmm. Sushi. You make it at home? We’ve tried but ended up with sort of limp, rice cigars. 🙂


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