Fish paintings on my floor

Brain stem, limbic system, prefrontal cortex. Babies, tweens, grown-ups. The Dark Ages, The Middle Ages…The Dark Ages again? World Peace. Evolution is a parallel developmental process. For instance, the US is kind of like a screaming infant with an absent, abusive parent. We play hunger games, trample each other for toys and call 911 when our sippy cups run dry. Meanwhile Desmond, Dali, Nelson and (insert wizened female here; I can’t think of anyone at the moment) are modeling enlightenment. Historical evolution is the same as personal development but on a grand scale.

The first Land Lords got power figuring out by chance that camping on a hill protected them from the deadly mudslide that wiped out their neighbor in their cradle of life; apparently it was a bowl and the sides were very steep. Thus began the lying, cheating, back stabbing, selfish, patriarchal, power tripping, exploitative, violently oppressive human historical war for real estate and good parking. Those in power, throughout history, have kept a death grip on their power because they were traumatized by survival, while the rest of us are doubly traumatized by Land Lords and survival. The haves love stuff. The have nots might get lucky and have love but not stuff. The battle for both rages on. Fear will kill us, keep us warring, keep us whoring, keep us stuck. Faith, trust, forgiveness, compassion, letting go and boatloads of therapy will wriggle us free. Keep swimming. xo

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