Flip the script. The simplest way to prevent vicarious trauma, stress, worry, woe is to make our compassion, faith and love bigger than our fatigue, fear or hate. This might require a very big cup of coffee depending on the day. 

Once the formula becomes a permanent fixture in our minds we realize there’s nothing new under the sun. There’s no need for dramatic reactions, wind machines or scandalous headlines. Everything becomes a parallel of the cycles of life, death, rebirth and healing. So, love. Rinse. Reflect. Repeat.


19 thoughts on “Float On

    • πŸ˜‚ As a fellow survivor I’m laughing with you, yes!πŸ˜‚ ahhh. We can turn our sorrow to tears of compassion and joy for ourselves. Thanks for sharing that. ❀️

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  1. I recently realized that compassion has a gentle voice in the world. Apathy or labeling is loud. There is, however, far more compassion, maybe 1000-to-1 ratio. So if we listen and become attuned to it, we can always hear it above the discordance. Same with love. Far more love, daily among us, than hate. We love our people. Love’s gentle voice drowns out hate when we join voices. Trying to figure out how to follow your blog. I don’t see a follow button. I’m not new to blogging, but I am new to connecting with other bloggers. I’m glad to meet you. It’s almost…providential. =) β™₯.

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    • Apathy is so loud! I’m glad to hear you think there’s more compassion, I’ll have to dive into your blog to learn more about this 1000-to-1 thousand skies ratio. I read that you work with people who are homeless? And that you’ve been homeless? Me too. “Love’s gentle voice drowns out hate when we join voices”-amen. Niki I’m still figuring out blogging too but I think there should be a blue follow button somewhere in the lower right corner? I’m happy you stopped by. Always glad to meet a fellow peace maker.

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