I set you like a seal

Under, over, before and above

Everything I think, speak, feel and

Do believe there has never been one

Before, during or after

Who loves the way you do

I will sit in the protection of the shadow at your feet

Your hand over my head

Enfolding myself in the warmth of your enduring tenderness

I am consecrated to you

Even when I seek but cannot find

You’re there

Hiding in the mountains, breathing across the sky, singing under water, whispering behind the mad whir of a mad world

Your gentleness restores my senses back to truth

The calm that washes over and softens every rough edge

A nourishing balm to salty wounds

That when I remove the armor of the day

Immerse myself in you

An orchard of sweetness

An ocean of satisfaction

An atmosphere of awe

I stumble humbly towards you

Again and again and again

To remember what it means

To belong~

“Peace and strength grow in my awareness as I open myself to love’s expression”-Daily Word

5 thoughts on “Sweet Life

    • Thank you Meg. ❤️

      I would like and approve your message but you included your email and phone number and I wasn’t sure if you wanted that to be public. Hope you’re well.


  1. That ought to be included in a book of modern psalms.

    If you can get them – you might like Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig’s two little illustrated books of prayer. Quirky and wise, has a tendency to upset fundamentalists, and would be right down your street. 😉

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