“Nobody gets everything from one set of parents. That’s what fairy godmothers, earth angels, friends and wizards are for. The good mother has to die, literally or figuratively. Sometimes she dies closer to the end, or, to her end. We’ll still need to find a surrogate to call for a gravy recipe at the holidays, and we’ll always need at least a few drops of external nurturing; someone to rub our back, be our soft place and take the wheel when we’re so tired we can’t see the road anymore, let alone decode a map. Either way, at some point, we become solely responsible for the majority of our own well-being. We’re never ready for it, like cliff diving. You could waste your whole life standing on the brink, overthinking everything, blaming everyone, casting bitter judgement, or, just hold your breath and jump like an absolute Fool.”-from Born in Providence

6 thoughts on “The Fool

  1. Well, you have your new bed, congratulations, may it be a soft cloud to you on which to recharge and to dream. And this is a lovely, thought-provoking paragraph. Thank you for being different! ♥

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