The ghost carcass



Naked bones in the wet impostered earth

Cheap cement substitutes

Trampled tramp

Another line,

The same ones

Over and again

You take up all my useless time

So I sit

Perched above the baby fork

A fish out of water

Poking overcooked yoke

Wondering if you ever gave a shit

Unfurled leaves

Empty pleas

Puncture broken parts

I can’t even feel the satisfaction of hunger anymore

Bleeding out


With seething envy

For an ego not torn apart

By tissue paper promises

Melting love like soft impressions

Lasting only until the next reign

Of trickling illusions

Linseed oil, liquid feeling or brush

To wash away whatever it was

That selfish pig meant



7 thoughts on “The False Impressionist

    • Thanks Niki. ❤️ also, I’ve seen your comment on my YouTube channel and I’m digesting it. I think you’re pretty amazing and my vitamin D levels are also the tank. But look how we persevere in spite of everything.

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      • Oh thanks so much E! I wasn’t sure it was okay to leave a link, like, is that polite? So I removed it. But thank you and I saw you have a new one! These are helping me so much. I can’t even begin to tell you have grateful I am for your time and big brain taking big ideas making them easy to understand. That’s a gift. ♥.

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      • 😁😁😁You’re welcome to leave links here. For years when online forums were first becoming a thing, I read through all the comment sections on posts about trauma, abuse and healing and often learned more from the comments than I did from the fancy articles. Sharing is caring.
        Sorry it took me so long to reply to the video comment. You said so many great things! It was happily overwhelming (and I overthink).
        Hearing you say I take big ideas and make them easy to understand is my favorite thing to hear-that’s my goal!

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