Under, over, in


Interrupting peace

Disturbing silence

With want 

No need

Muffled screams as gastronomic indecencies

A greedy rumbling

greeting each light


unrelenting buzzing, numbing

Lips, teeth, cheeks

Buzzards circling feasts

Fingertips grazing

In shop windows of caloric salvation

Sticky buns

One nation under Greed

We the people

Entrusting dollars and pounds


Makes no sense

Thrust, pulse, vomit, sweat

Ladle, scoop, scrub

You’re so pretty

Microbeading, needing, threading 

Sheets and cheading

Chaffed, chuffed  or cuffed


hungry homebody

Introverted, hiding or retreat

Converting liters to meters 

Quarter King of Cups

Spoons and periodic tables

Elemental swording 

Stabbing guts, plans, ours 

Digital scales to tape measure

Good better bested

Ounces weighing a metric 

Mouse ton

Elephantitus of the eyes

Disappearing leaves under voracious prongs across dead grass and yesterday 

The lawn is clear 


9 thoughts on “Rake

  1. It’s complicated and yet it is not. Right? I mean as I read what you have written it is so simple and clear to see the pain, the agony, the struggle, the lack of understanding, how deeply it all runs. I was weighed at the doctor today gained one pound. Yippy. Really? Is it? I forget to eat and then when I start I realize the magnitude of my starving and I gorge just to sit back and think I hope not another pound.
    For the first time ever in my life the other day I ate food as if it were my last meal. I savored every bite. I ate slowly and was aware of when I was hungry and full and actually enjoyed food just to eat. Complicated yet simple. I rarely share these thoughts. Actually never. So thank you for giving me the ability to do that

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    • Hi Bethany. Sorry it’s taken so long for me to reply. You’re right it is complicated and being able to share our thoughts with understanding people helps. I’m glad you ate and enjoyed it! We have to count and celebrate are successes no matter how big or small they seem. It’s all good. ❤️

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