Love is.



Sunday Morning Musings

Yesterday I bumped into some old writing; several thousand words chronicling the death of a decade which now looks like a worn out towel in my memory. It made me question love; why we need it, how to go about it, what it’s for, why bother the risks.

Last night I dreamt about an aging person; they were not male or female but more a mashing of all different family members and probably parts of myself. Nothing in particular happened in the dream except that we all stood around this vulnerable person exchanging telepathic memories of everything good and precious, kind and worthwhile about the lives we’d all been living. The most potent of those thoughts came from the resting, aged person. The point was, when you distill life down to its very essence, the intangible essential ingredient that makes life worth anything, is love.


8 thoughts on “Love is.

  1. Hello! I found your blog after you “liked” something on mine. Thanks for visiting!

    In this post about love, It sounds like you may have been visiting the world between worlds as described in the book Journey of Souls. Have you read it?

    It was given to me a few years ago after the passing of both my parents. As I read, mostly in my backyard swing, I sobbed. The stories written there are accounts recorded by a hypnotist/therapist of people talking about their experiences “between lives” during past life regression sessions. The work helped me give meaning to these family relationships in a way I had not been able to before.

    I highly recommend the book.
    & by the way, I agree: learning to love and allowing oneself to be loved is what makes life worth the journey.

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    • Thank you so much for visiting my page and for taking the time to comment. I’ve not read the book you mention, but it sounds beautiful. My account was based on a potent dream and some shifts happening in my life and family.
      I’m glad to hear the book helped you find peace in your relationships..there is something comforting in making meaning in our pain and through our understanding of love. Indeed.


  2. G’day E! 🙂 That’s fabulous! Isn’t it interesting how something that someone else discarded can become such a thing of beauty? We live in strange times. I’m glad you have that kind of vision at your house!

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