Breathe in

Breathe out

The breathless beast beeps

Fluid life through the veins of night calls

Cutting dreams

Like a knife

Through sleep and sanity

The way it used to be

Cloudy thoughtlessness

Unintended tubes


Organic function

Systemically oppressed

Dirty genes because you chose to ignore

What was right?

In front of you

Oh, positive

From thirteen odd years of mechanical jail and child labor

The alchemy of blood lines and oil

Transmuted fuel and grinding gears

Indentured servitude of parental neglect

Born unloveable to broken hearts and patriarchs

Now surrendered to waves of measured mineral solutions

Diluted soul drips

Metered out by a faulty machine

Dictating the rhythms of life

Overcrowded parking lots

And stills

Well and wail

Through this merciless survival mechanism

Unwillingly we see

The purposeless beauty

To be


Inspired by the machine in our bedroom closet, ironically called The Liberty 5000. Are you &@$ing kidding me? Our sadistic healthcare system made us wait till he was at death’s door to start pumping life back into him while we wait another year or more for a transplant. It was never a question of if but when his kidneys would fail. It’s a genetic disease! Harvard even said! What more proof do they need? And yet we wait. On our dime, in their sweet time. Let Freedumb Ring…liberty and Lincoln streets. This entire life has been one Big Bang. Anyway, as always, I love you. xo

ps: but those tubes are beautiful, no?

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