Imagine if the Dalai Lama reported the news.

Hi Jane,

Ever since I researched the links between behavioral health and media for my thesis work I’ve been interested in the power of media to shape culture.

This morning, after reading about a fatal incident which took place at a small newspaper I further researched “trauma-informed journalism” (the phrase came to me after seeing a particularly upsetting mugshot of an abusive parent who no doubt has his own abuse history) and found an article you’d written about how journalism can further the ACE’s movement.

Last week I reached out to a non-profit in Europe called the Ethical Journalism Network and attempted to write a piece for theirblogEthics comes close but is still not quite the full expression of telling stories through a trauma-informed lens. So I made an attempt to clarify.

My writing style didn’t match their brand but they were very kind. I can only be me.   All this to say there seems to be an opportunity in the gap between ACE’s awareness, ethics and the powerful voice of media to reshape how we talk about the human experience. I’m not sure how to express it other than to say: Imagine if the Dalai Lama reported our world news. Imagine if that were the voice talking about a crime we committed, our political goals, our business operations and even the ‘good’ deeds we do. Imagine how it could change the way we see ourselves and each other.

Apparently the person who committed the fatal acts at the newspaper did so in direct response to a story they’d written about him. There is never an excuse for our behavior or a justification for violence but there is hope for peace and prevention through trauma-informed awareness and practice. If everyone had this knowledge lives could be saved.

Just wanted to share my big Friday thought with you.

Thanks Jane. Be well,


Dear Reader, Confession; this letter was gently edited because I’m a writer. xo

20 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor

  1. This popped into my inbox at just the right time. It would be *amazing* if every journalist channeled the Dalai Lama for every piece. No labels, no judgment, no “us” and “them.” Just the facts, ma’am as viewed through a lens of kindness. Really interesting thesis idea. I have to come visit your blog more often. ♥.

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