Offspring of faulted fathers, sisters, mothers and brothers

Hollowed be our veins

Thy kings did come

God’s will undone

By the fruitless pursuit of empty gain

Stained centuries with conquests

For hungry bread and jealous blood

Searing sin

Torn apart along imaginary lies

A daily, nameless anguish stapled to our skin, akin to kin, aching

To be shaken awake from the merciless nightmare

Didn’t ask, don’t tell

Rendered speechless at the sight

Deeper still we go

Following the anchors chain to rock and silty bottom

Estuaries babble in one thousand directions

Churning clouds of astral dust in search of unpolluted oceans

A singular truth

Roots itself in fallow flesh

The uninvited

Beg for love and mercy

Under warm and steady streams

Of mourning

Another day

To wait and pray


The painting is Clearing; acrylic, ink and chalk pastel on hope and paper. xo

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