The yard stick stuck behind a closet door

To measure in darkness

Defects detected in the light of day

Don’t make me say it again

Do as I say

One backwards, breathless task to the next

Did she breathe between suffocating nylon stockings and broken ovaries

The kind of moss caked greeness of

Goddesses in training

Lillies of the Valley


Behind fish and chipped fences

In the shade of a honeysuckling and goats milk keeper

Set aflame

Grimm reaper

Red shoes waltzing beyond an unattended gate

White lilacs blooming beside bay windows

A bookstacked and bloody fate

Painted faces

Tightly tied

Accused us of lying on certificates of birth which won rhinestone crowns of question and quest

Which mother is best

Which mother is one

In the wake of dead fathers, coal, beer, mines

mink stoles and a counting

Submerged submarines

Stuffed face

Forbidden cookies


As if she wanted to teach me how to tumble, reach beyond a factory job

And settling for first names

Which never fit

I miss her

This person I never knew



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