Yesterday we paid our taxes. It’s not a very fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon but such is life as a grown up. As I entered figures into designated boxes I thought of all the people and needs they represented, which is one of the reasons I’m not an accountant. Then I ate three quarters of a slice of cheese and four crackers and tried to gratefully embrace reality.

This morning I stumbled on a Quora question asked by someone who felt resentful about sharing. 

I’m sick of paying for everyone else’s kids to go to school. Why can’t people without children pay smaller amounts of school tax than people with children? -Anonymous Grumpy Adult Person’s Expression 

As a childfree by choice woman I say: either way we all pay.

We can pay for education or prisons.

We can pay for education or wars.

We can pay for education or the $84 billion dollars annually spent on the effects of child abuse.

We can pay for education or the biopsychosocial-spiritual costs of human trafficking.

We can pay for education or pay for the costs of exported, exploitative goods and services. Hmm, there’s blood on my shirt. Weird.

We can pay for education or bare the debts of historical violence, enduring, needless, social conflict, slavery, homelessness, oppression, misogyny, capitalistic patriarchal dominion, systemic exclusion which results in enraged entitlement or pervasive learned helplessness.

We can pay for education or continue to suffer the effects of industrialization, overpopulation and consumption on climate.

We can pay for education or gorge ourselves into throw pillows. What healthcare? What heart? What help? Pass the Pringles! 

We can pay for education or continue killing the ocean with Carnivals.

We can pay for education or pay for panic rooms, padlocks and Prozac.

We can pay for education or watch the world implode from our balconies. Hurrah to me! The ruler of ruin. 

To free will and choices.

Agape is a Greek word meaning divine love or charity. 

16 thoughts on “Make it Rain

  1. Awesome post, I was nodding enthusiastically the entire way (now the dog is giving me That Look again).

    And it’s not like people with children have money to spare anyways – do try and feed two teenagers for a week. A month. Years!! Buy them clothes. Books (no not all education is free, how I wish it were so). Say “No” a hundred times, a thousand, when it comes to non-necessities like a new iPod, the brand name sneakers, the new bike. The 1001st time, say yes, and go back to weeping at the sight of your savings account.

    This speaking from a position with reasonable, steady income and government benefits to boot.

    “Have no children, then” Anonymous Grumpy Adult Person says?

    Sure, who needs retirement anyways. Unless you put all the money you save from not having children into your very own nest egg. Then by all means, let us be the Last Americans. Survival of the species is overrated πŸ˜›

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    • Thanks! Your comment gave me a wave of deja vu. My da never wanted kids, he’s told me many times haha and he did indeed just happily retire with a tidy nest egg. I don’t think kids should be bred as future nurse maids. Nodding yes, yes, yes right back. To fur babies and freedom-ish. πŸ˜‰

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