The Pink Madonna, ink, acrylic, chalk

Bon meme

The little death

They tolerated

 two chairs apart

Torn into

A parting that won’t yield

Fruitful as

The pear tree 


Sparing shade, 

harboring a green silence

Her voice is somewhere in the garden below 

Rocking back and forth 

Braiding curtain tassels till it began

Dreaming of the turquoise beach somewhere in that watermarked postcard  

tucked in the trim of a thin brass frame, framing faces we can’t see

(I heard they found her duct taped in the trunk somewhere near the border.)

Just the palm


Not like the one which crashed on the porch 

while we laid out the crepes 

and filled them with 

Sticky cherries 

From the can

Sing en francaise

While the organ plays

And the silent hands

 in the bedroom pray 


 I learned 

of the two brothers legend 

How one sacrificed for an unkept promise in some foriegn town 

He could never leave

Keep your word

Return to the keys 

Under fat baby angels 

Sink into the wall

Behind a mirror 

with no memories

Of the bon meme 


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