My happy place. Wrote my first books in 3rd grade using blank packing sheets from my parents New England Pottery supplies and a sharpie. They made macrame plant holders at night for extra cash. The ‘books’ were illustrated stories about kids from the neighborhood. I sold them for spare change off the unfinished porch of our partially condemned apartment building. Spare change. That was the goal; to listen and tell stories that made a difference. The moral; no excuses. Use what you have, where you are to speak life, speak love, for change. Now I write on a franken-puter; a hodgepodge of a machine gifted from a good friend. Spare parts. It’s not high tech but it gets the job done. Can’t help but sit at the keyboard and feel grateful for all of it. xo 

13 thoughts on “Motivation Monday 

  1. :):):) My franken-outer died on me a few months ago hahaha poor thing someone needed to shoot it YEARS ago, it would sound like an old buick trying to start itself up. Before it passed my son was over, we came in to print something, had to boot’er up. I hear, “what is that noise?” hahahaha. But I sure did love it, and missed it when it finally kicked the cord. It funny how it doesn’t take much to be grateful or have love, as long as we are willing to be grateful, and have love 🙂

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      • hey there was still dial up when I got that thing. It was so bad E that it wouldn’t even go to many web pages anymore because it was too stupid to communicate with them 😂😂 Back in January hubby bought me a laptop. He made sure to let me know that it was on sale, and under $200 😂. I STILL kept that old dinosaur and used it for my calendar, outlook express emails 😉 Hubby: “get rid of that thing” Me, “but it has all my contacts, photos, old emails (from when emails started) He said something like there are zip drives for that. I told him not to be bringing voodoo zip things into the house 😉 I am laughing so hard right now because I just looked over my shoulder, and sitting by the door of my office, is that computer. 😂😂😂 I still haven’t got rid of it.

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