For the boy who cut off her branches to build his house. Rest in piece. Seemed a fitting modification to his friend’s book. The art work is original and protected through this site.

Two pieces walked down the shore of State beach

Just beyond the hip 

and squared

Well I’ll O.B 

I think that man is following me

Banana hammock stares preceded 

Yet one and two took years 

Hello bottom and grin and hair

Ribs and baby back like an open empty hand

Frailty as passive invitation

 to place something warm within

This might be where your options end 

With just a few snaps 

a new life could begin

The curious man huffed ‘cross the sand

 to the jetty under the bridge

A camera pack 

decorated his back 

You’ve got what it takes, take my card, given in

The would-be Most Wanted beside me

kicked sand in defiant defense

A mixture of pride and disgust

“She’s my one sure pure thing. Not quite done with her yet.”

Go fetch some other sticks

His objection, as prior particulates of self

crowned with contractual obligations, 

I have a voice

I had no choice

Decided for me

Yet seeds of No were buried in the compost of infinitely better yesses 

Two pieces became one 

sheltering and tall tree


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