Sometimes I write a bunch and immediately after I hit publish clarity shows up. Ding.

 The only difference between the book of JOY and the book of JOB is Y and B. Job was that guy in the Bible God picked to have an extra terrible life. He realized God knew and controlled everything and there was nothing he could do about it. Such is life. Learning to be with the truth first means asking all the why’s; why did this happen, why does it hurt so much, why can’t I have a different story, why do they get that and I get this. Wrestled with nature vs nurture in yesterday’s piece; trees make it look so easy. They don’t ask questions, don’t have jobs, bosses, kids, partners, dogs or bills. In a storm, they just go with it. ‘I’m a tree, part of it all, loved, connected, uprooted and flying through the air. Oh fun.’ The world asks more of people than just swaying in a breeze, housing squirrels, offering nuts and fruit. Or maybe we should pay more attention to their example. Why and Be. 

Learning to be with reality is how we find joy. xo

9 thoughts on “Oh I See

  1. Wow! Beautiful blog. I love your perspective. You see it can be hard to see things from God bird’s view and really just be instead of striving.

    PS: I’m also guilty of clarity showing up after in hit the publish button, Lol. Thank God that wordpress provide an edit and update functionality. .
    I love your blog!!! Xoxoxo

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