Priory infrequencies deafening a distant prayer

Fear silencing a loud voice

The unspoken, breathless unspeakables done to unfinished people, rippled against the surface of previously uncharted waters 

Haunting the quiet presence longing to be quenched, reflected

Evidence of scorching, not from bridges burned or leaves turned

Those amends were made long ago

We crossed bridges of insight, light, compassion, paved pathways of love and understanding 

Regulated chaos but the peace wouldn’t come 

Nun, none; a life cloaked in a heavy habit of not mattering, nothing much to no one

Exchanging thriving for the safety of remaining unseen 

Yet the persistent doing won’t be undone

Cross? No, I’m not angry

Not father, not son, not unholy ghost

Flesh of my flesh passes through the blood brain barrier forcing me to relive it too often in the very oils of my own skin

What’s left beyond navigating someone else’s sin

A life lived in full circle

Requires discipline, disciple 

The gift of circumferencing through each station, persistent patience

Turning tides, dialing in 

I called out to you from across the empty space

Draw me up, out, in~

Exploring borders in tonight’s poetry prompt from D’versed. Couldn’t help but think of boundaries and pushing through barriers to arrive at wholeness. The photo is from a lake sunset my husband I watched with our dog this weekend. The silhouette of the trees reminded me of an image of frequencies and a new non-profit I discovered last week called Speak Your Silence; an awareness group helping to break the shame and stigma associated with talking about sexual abuse. Feeling grateful for the gifts of synchronicity and encouragement from good people doing good work in the world. Healing is possible! Thank God. xo

If you want to play follow the link below. Be sure to visit the other poets. Feel free to leave links to your works in the comments below. 

18 thoughts on “A Crossing

  1. I can “hear” your voice as your share your reflections on our life’s journey ~

    Your word play is good here: Nun, none; a life cloaked in a heavy habit of not mattering, nothing much to no one

    And overall closing call of hope and redemption, to live a life in full circle ~ Your photo is stunning ~

    Liked by 1 person

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