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Hashtag brand belonging

Choice & Power

Who died and made you CEO

Old McDonald had an animal farm

Products vs Projects

Stuff it in a bucket, they tell us where we fit

Let me out

Hanging on a hook, hooker

Ain’t she sweet, ain’t she meat

While the one holding the money

Decides the True Value

Hammer, caulk, nails

Did my hair

Did she whale? Oh that back seat whiplash, it’s a killer

And they call it privilege, priced by the pound

It grounds you down

Black coffee

Weightless, wait, less

Boundless, un-free

Each loss, seeking ascension from

This contaminated body

We’re all one; I am this, it’s you and it’s me

Think about it

Or don’t

An object of sin, up for grabs

Take your pic

Janet called it shit-cake

And that’s the feeling you fight


Matter more, matter less, matter dear? Come ‘er Come ‘er

So la ti doe

So la dee da

Ray me, can’t I shine?

De la soul, oh sole mio

blah, blah, blah and whatnot

More white noise?

Maybe not.

I want to sing a new song

I want to sing



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