Unjustly Done, Just Right

Yes it’s crooked but instead of hiding

Oh hell! I’m this, too tired for all that dodging nonsense, Ha! Ha!

Turn all the cracks, lines and scars to light

These are the places marked by hurt, love and flight, see there’s no such thing as flawless

It’s daunting, life

As it should be

If you’re daring to live there will be, rogue trees, thoughts, flames, hooks, loose feathers, veins and wild flowers

Things which arise or descend 

Holy and freely of their own accord

We can’t control natural order and anyway a little dust or blood, breath or bread, they just are 

So be

Lean forward or back if you must but keep moving

Subtly, the true sign of a master over time, our adjustments made to stay standing are more like swaying in a gentle breeze

Unlike the radical swinging of our younger days

Putting up the big fight with thick concealers and magic healers

Woo woo! ah-ha! And then

When or if we miraculously tire and give in to all that wonderously is, the good, the sin, the sagging skin, our unstompable joy in the face of that old stubborn unjust

Just fine with me

So be

So be.


Fun with Poetry prompts from dVerse  

To join in:

  • Write your poem and post it on your blog. Add a link to dVerse to your post.
  • Copy and paste the original URL with your name into Mr. Linky at the bottom of this post.
  • Use your social media to spread the word and invite your poet friends.
  • Return to the pub to read and COMMENT on the work of your fellow bloggers. This is a community!
  • Enjoy the wonder of poetry and imperfection.

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